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SMSF Sector Careers – Limited License SMSF

In recent years, Self-Managed Super Funds (SMSF) have quickly become a popular and increasingly attractive retirement planning option. With up to 1 million Australians having switched from a retail or industry fund to a SMSF, more people are taking advantage of its benefits. Being a rapidly expanding sector, there are also new opportunities for Financial Planners and Advisers to consult with clients on SMSF set-up and management. Becoming authorised under our Limited License SMSF practice, financial professionals will have the ability to work with such clients and assist with their SMSF needs.

Your Career Opportunities with Vivid: Limited License SMSF

At Vivid Financial Planning, we are a modern firm, using technology and expert financial practices to assist our clients in building and protecting their wealth. A large part of our services include SMSF advice and strategies, and as a limited license SMSF holder, we are able to provide relevant and reliable SMSF services.

We are currently seeking driven professionals within the Financial Planning sector, who are interested in providing quality SMSF advice to their clients. Whether you are new to the industry or an established professional, we can offer you the support and opportunities that you need for managing your clients’ SMSF requirements.

Under our Limited License SMSF, you will be able to provide your clients with a range of SMSF services and advice.

These SMSF strategies and services include:
  • – Establish and wind-up SMSFs
  • – SMSF structure advice
  • – Investment advice and developing investment strategies
  • – Cash-flow and Budgeting
  • – General advice

Furthermore, as Vivid Financial Planning is a part of a larger network of Tax and Accounting professionals, you will be able to make and receive SMSF client referrals, depending on the type of services required.


To be able to operate under our Limited License SMSF, you will need to hold the correct Financial Planning or Advising qualifications (RG146 and Diploma of Financial Planning). This often involves a short course and study, as well as gaining industry experience with a professional. We can assist you in completing this training and set you up with one of our SMSF Financial Planners to work with and shadow.

Why Vivid Financial Planning?

At Vivid, we are focused on assisting you to provide the finest SMSF services and advice to your clients. We are very support and development orientated, meaning that you will be provided with the required resources and added benefits.

Have access to modern systems and expert support staff, including:
  • – Professional development and coaching
  • – Ongoing support, via face-to-face, online and/or phone meetings
  • – Technical support and training
  • – Access to leading I.T software and cloud-based systems
  • ­- Marketing support and corporate branding (if applicable)
  • – Membership to a network of likeminded professionals


Limited License SMSF


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