Vivid Financial

Starting Out

It’s never too early to start building your wealth and securing your financial future. Whether you are just starting out or have already built a small nest egg, financial planning strategies can be helpful during any stage of life.


Budgeting is an important first step in getting your financial affairs in order, often overlooked as too hard or too boring. We would encourage you to at least have some level of personal budget in place. We now have award winning online budgeting tools so there is no reason not to budget!
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Income Replacement

Nobody thinks twice about insuring their car every year. What about your income? If you couldn’t work for over a month, how would you pay your expenses? For around the same cost for insuring your car each year, you can take out an Income Protection policy, which will provide up to 75% of your regular income and it’s tax deduction!
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Building Your Wealth

No one can successfully predict the future of the global economy… like the weather it is the most unpredictable and most destructive threat to your investment earnings. But with a carefully built portfolio based on sound foundations, you have a much better chance to weather out any financial storm.
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Investing in Property or Buying Your First House

Have you ever thought or dreamed about buying an investment property or your first home? Does the thought seem daunting or too hard to achieve? When is the right time to purchase a property? As the saying goes the key is time in the market rather than timing the market. So while the right time to purchase a property might be simply when you can afford to, it is hard to ignore the possibility of getting in at the right time of the market.
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