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Financial Advice for Business Owners

We specialise in providing financial advice to business owners and their families, when you own and operate your own business your financial situation is often very different to if you were an employee.

Being in Business is one of the most exciting and possibly best way to build wealth and financial security however it is important to have very clear financial strategies in place to assist you in achieving your goals. When getting financial advice business owners need to ensure that they use a firm like ours that is familiar with providing financial advice for business owners as there are a lot of highly effective strategies available for business owners that are not available to employees. Because we also run a leading Accounting firm and all of our Financial Planners are also Accountants we have the skills and knowledge to help drive your business to the next level.

Risk for Business Owners

Business owners often bear a lot of risk, for one thing in most cases they are unable to go to work for a month, 6 months or even longer it can result in damage to their business (and possibly worse). Add to this the fact most businesses have substantial debt such as Credit cards, Business Loans, Creditors and Tax Debts and the financial risk involved can get quite high.

For the sake of your own financial security as well as that of the people around you it is important to consider these risks and where possible insure against them. This can take the form of business succession plans, crisis plans and insurances (such as Income Protection, Key Person Insurance & Business Expense Insurance)

Superannuation & Business

Are you paying yourself enough super? (or any at all!) A lot of business owners pay themselves last which can lead to a situation where they do not have enough saved for retirement.
We can also assist in streamlining your employee superannuation payment and reporting to try and make your life as easy as possible.

Wealth Creation

Businesses generally generate a lot of cashflow however they do not necessarily generate a lot of long term wealth, and often can create a lot of financial stress, ask yourself if you shut the doors on your business today what would happen? Unless the answer to this is positive then it is definitely time to get some financial advice for you and your business.

We are specialists in helping business owners create long term wealth using simple and effective strategies to save and invest some of their business cashflow, if needed our Accounting practice can assist in improving profit levels to allow you to extract enough cashflow to build wealth.

Remember we understand and work with business owners every day, for more information on how to make your business work for you please call the office or Contact us here.