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Take the next step in your career by expanding into the Financial Planning sector. If you are currently working or moving into the financial services industry, you should consider your opportunities as a Financial Planner or Adviser. In recent years, the general public has become more focused on wealth creation and retirement planning strategies. At Vivid, it is our mission to deliver sound and personalised financial advice to our clients, assisting them create a financially secure future. As a Boutique Dealer Group Melbourne, we are small enough to provide focused support and large enough to make an impact in the market.

Who We Are

Based in Melbourne and delivering to a broad client base across Australia, we are a small dealer group using modern practices to build and protect our client’s wealth. Focussing on several financial planning strategies and channels, we utilise the latest technology and finance research to provide reliable advice and services.

Effective Financial Planning is a matter that affects diverse groups of people, meaning that our client market span across multiple lifestyle and household stages. Providing advice to individuals, couples, retirees, families and businesses, we have extensive experience within the Financial Planning and Advising sectors.

Why Vivid?

At Vivid, we are a growing firm, pursuing to be a forefront Boutique Dealer Group Melbourne. While our office is based in the Melbourne area, we are currently delivering to clients around Australia through face-to-face and online meetings.

Each of our clients have a unique set of needs and preferences when considering their financial futures. There are many areas of interest and opportunities within financial planning, so we like to provide our clients with solution options. This includes short and long term orientated advice, ranging over multiple financial regions.

When you become a Vivid Financial Planning representative, you will be covered by our Australian Financial Services License. Depending on your qualifications and training, you will be able to advise your clients on a collection of financial areas.

These include:
  • – Superannuation
  • – Retirement Funding
  • – Self-Managed Super Fund
  • – Property
  • – Investments
  • – Insurance, including Risk, Personal and Income.
  • – Debt and Risk Management
  • – Business Structuring


Boutique Dealer Group Melbourne  Boutique Dealer Group Melbourne


Training, Development and Resources

Whether you are experienced within the Financial Planning and Advising sector or you are just starting your career, we will provide you with the needed training, development opportunities and resources. Unlike some large corporate firms, our Boutique Dealer Group Melbourne offers the support and flexibility that encourages professional growth.

Receive the benefits from having access to modern systems and expert support staff. This includes:

Career Development
  • – Business coaching
  • – Professional development opportunities
  • – Ongoing support, via face-to-face, online and/or phone meetings
I.T support and training
  • – Access to leading software and cloud-based systems
  • – Ongoing support
Marketing support
  • – Traditional and Digital
  • – Corporate Branding, to portray a professional image
  • – Flexible office options
  • – Membership to a network of like-minded professionals

Find the career opportunities that you need and make a difference in the lives of your clients, with Vivid Financial Planning. Learn how you can join our Boutique Dealer Group Melbourne, and work towards providing the finest financial advice.

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