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Becoming a Financial Planner or Adviser

Your next career move.

Becoming a Financial Planner or Adviser

Looking for the next step in your career? Becoming a Financial Planner might be the right move for you, and at Vivid Financial Planning, we can help you to realise your full potential. Whether you are an experienced professional or just starting in your career, we can provide you with the support needed to develop a successful office. Becoming a Financial Planner or Adviser starts with the right business opportunity – so start with Vivid.

Financial Planning can offer the opportunities you need to extend your career path and diversify your skill sets, as well as provide financial and lifestyle rewards. Being a part of a broad industry, Financial Planners are needed in various locations, meaning that unlike some service providers, you will not be restricted by location. You could work and live in large cities or regional areas, allowing you to seek multiple career path options.

New Career Roles:

Some of these key functional areas within financial planning include:

  • – Real estate Planning
  • – Investments
  • – Superannuation
  • – Retirement Funding
  • – Self-Managed Super Fund
  • – Risk Insurance
  • – Business Structuring

Training requirements:

In order to offer this advice and become a Financial Planner, you will need to complete the necessary training which meets the RG 146 requirements (generally a Diploma of Financial Planning). For a motivated person could take a few months to a year, depending on the qualification level. The training covers several topics, including general knowledge in the desired industry environment, specific knowledge in the above function areas, and the skills to correctly execute the tasks at hand.

Australian Financial Services (AFS) Licensing and Support:

You will be covered under Vivid’s Australian Financial Services License, and be one of our authorised representatives. As a licensee, you will be provided with our ongoing support and access to our recommended software and systems. This includes everything from additional training and development, to technical and marketing support.

Our People

We have a network of professionals extending over a range of financial services, as well as a dedicated Head Office support team. This includes Business Development, Marketing, and I.T departments.

Meet some of our Financial Planners and Advisers – Our People 

For further information or to make an appointment to discuss becoming a Financial Planning opportunities, please contact us below or call us on 1300 627 829

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