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Boutique Dealer Group Opportunity

Take the Next Step in Your Career – Join us with our Boutique Dealer Group Opportunity

At Vivid Financial Planning, we are a Small Self-Licensed Firm who are committed to supporting our Advisers to grow their business and provide their clients with premium services and advice. With a diverse client base and large target market, we offer Financial Planning services to Individuals, Couples and Families, Retirees, and Business Owners, assisting them to reach their financial goals. Find your next career move and join us with our Boutique Dealer Group Opportunity.

The Financial Planning and Advisory sector is rich with opportunity, allowing you to reap the personal and professional benefits of diversify your skill sets and follow new career paths. Being a Boutique Dealer Group, we like to keep a close network of Financial Planners and Advisers, and help them to grow their business. We have experience in a wide range of Financial Planning functions and aim to use our knowledge and resources to benefit our licensees.

Our knowledge, skills and roles span over a variety of areas. Some of these include:

  • – Property Investment
  • – Superannuation
  • – Retirement Planning
  • – Self-Managed Super Funds
  • – Risk Insurance
  • – Business Structuring


We believe that our Advisers are important members of the firm and want to see them succeed within the business.  To help support our Advisers and their professional development, we provide them with the relevant training and support systems. This includes access to industry leading software and servers, technical and marketing support, and business development mentoring.

We have a strong network of professionals extending over a range of financial services, as well as a dedicated Head Office support team. This includes Business Development, Mentoring, Marketing, and I.T departments.

Find out more about Our People, and who is currently working with us at Vivid Financial Planning.

Furthermore, our Advisers are covered under Vivid’s Australian Financial Services License, meaning that they are authorised representatives and can legally operate their business.

For further information or to make an appointment to discuss Financial Planning opportunities, please contact us below or call us on 1300 627 829


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