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Self Manage Super?

To manage or not to manage?


With the GFC still hot in our minds and investment markets going sideways more and more clients are unhappy with the perfomance of their superannuation leaving them wondering if they should self manage their super and do a better job than the professionals that are currently looking after their funds.

While this sentiment is leading to an explosion in Self Managed Super Funds (clients attempting to take control of their own financial destiny) a Self Managed Super Fund (or DIY Fund) is not the only way to take control of your super. You can Self Manage Super without getting yourself a Self Managed Super Fund. While some super funds have very little choice and flexibilty (meaning you must let professional managers manage your money) some super funds have extensive choice, hundreds of managed funds, a range of term deposits, exchange traded funds and a range of ASX share investments.

With such a wide range of investments it is possible to design your own investment portfolio within your super fund and manage it yourself. While you can set up and manage this youself it might be worth getting some professional advice on selecting a fund with the investment options you want and with setting up your investment portfolio. If you would like to Self Manage Your Superthen please contact our Self Managed Super Advisers now

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