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Limited Licence Self-Managed Super Fund

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Limited Licence Self-Managed Super Fund


Do you want to diversify your job role, gain more clients and help others to set up a financially secure future? Consider becoming a Financial Adviser and assist clients with their Self-Managed Super Funds (SMSF) with Vivid Financial Planning. Join a Finance Firm with experience in Limited Licence Self-Managed Super Fund. Whether you are an experienced professional or newly qualified and starting your career, we can provide you with the opportunities you need.

At Vivid Financial Planning, we are a close network of Financial Planning and Advising professionals, with a large client base and broad target market. Our aim is to provide every Australian with access to premium quality advice, including Individuals, Couples and Families, Retirees and Business Owners. Taking a personalised approach, we ensure that all of our clients receive the services and advice they need to make confident financial decisions.

The Financial Planning and Advisory sector is rich with opportunity, meaning there are many personal and professional benefits that can grow your personal income, diversify your skill sets and follow new career paths. As we are a Small Dealer Group, we are able to provide our Advisers with one-to-one support and help them to create a successful business. We have experience in a wide range of Financial Planning functions and aim to use our knowledge and resources to benefit our licensees.

Additionally, our team are highly skilled in a variety of professions, meaning that you will have access to the best support. Including:

  • – I.T systems and ongoing supoort
  • – Marketing,  traditonal and digital
  • – Business Development, including mentoring
  • – Regular meeting, in face-to-face, online and phone environments


So why choose Vivid Financial Planning?

  • – Accessible and flexible team support
  • – Technology focussed to maximise efficiency and make simplify compliance
  • – We have Accounting Firm Partners with close to 20,000 clients
  • – It is low cost
  • – Access to a range of computer software
  • – Access to both White label, as well as known brands off the approved product list
  • – Unlimited phone and e-mail support

Our People

We have a network of professionals extending over a range of financial services, as well as a dedicated Head Office support team. This includes Business Development, Marketing, and I.T departments.

Meet some of our Financial Planners and Advisers – Our People 

Now is the perfect time to take the next step in your career!


For further information or to make an appointment to discuss Financial Planning franchisee opportunities, please contact us below or call 1300 627 829


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